About Paul

Paul is a community organizer and progressive Democrat, who has committed his life to social justice. Whether working to elect progressive leaders, preserve Yiddish culture or bring needed services to children orphaned by AIDS, Paul has always believed in working together to achieve real change.

Born and raised in Lower Manhattan, Paul attended New York City public schools.  After graduating Whitman College, he documented the history of the Lower East side as an archivist at the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research.

In 2000, Paul joined Ubuntu Education Fund, then a fledgling international non-profit based out of a broom closet in an elementary school. As Grassroots Director, Paul helped build the organization into an internationally recognized leader in response to HIV and AIDS. Ubuntu now reaches over 50,000 vulnerable children in New York and South Africa.

In 2008, Paul took his passion for social justice to the streets of Lower Manhattan in his campaign for New York State Assembly.  In the course of that campaign, Paul met with thousands of our neighbors on their concerns for the community.  His advocacy for progressive change made a difference.  Paul Newell was endorsed in that race by The New York Times, New York Daily News, New York Post, Americans for Democratic Action, BlogPAC, Gawker Media and more.

The campaign was also the subject of Excuse Me, Mr. Speaker…, a feature-length documentary by filmmaker Justin Sullivan.

In September 2009, Paul was elected Democratic District Leader for the 65th Assembly District, Part C with 67% of the vote. In this time he has quickly become one of Manhattan’s most active District Leaders. He has been a prominent local voice in the fight too restore a hospital to the site of the former St. Vincent’s. He was reelected in September 2011.

Paul currently consults for various non-profit organizations and lives in a Mitchell-Lama apartment in Masaryk Towers on the Lower East Side.

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