Storm Alert: Mandatory Evacuations, MTA shutdowns, pets, shelters, info

Posted by paulnewell on October 28, 2012

New York City has issued a mandatory evacuation order for all residents of hurricane Zone A – including all of Battery Park City, most of the Financial District, the Seaport area and parts of the Lower East Side and Tribeca closest to the river.  New York Downtown Hospital is already evacuating.

All New York City Public Schools will be closed tomorrow, Monday, October 29th.

  • MTA Subways will shut down at 7:00 PM tonight.  Buses at 9:00 PM
  • Elevators in NYCHA developments in evacuation zones will shut down at 7:00 PM tonight.
  • In Lower Manhattan, out closest evacuation center is Seward Park High School, 350 Grand Street, between Ludlow and Essex Streets (MAP), but it is preferable to find other accommodations.  Please contact friends and family who live in higher ground immediately, and make arrangements.
  • Street cleaning and parking meter rules are suspended.

New Yorkers often feel like we can handle anything that comes our way.  But please take this storm seriously.  As if you needed more proof of the gravity of the situation, The NYC Subway will be closed beginning 7:00 PM tonight.  The area most at risk, called Zone A in the city’s hurricane evacuation plan, includes Battery Park City, parts of the Financial District and Chinatown, some of the East Village and Lower East Side, but also extends up to Hell’s Kitchen and Murray Hill along Manhattan’s riverfronts. In Brooklyn, parts of Greenpoint and Red Hook are largely in Zone A, as well as the Navy Yard, Coney Island and Manhattan Beach.  A complete map of evacuation zones is at

What else can we do right now?

1)      If you live in Zone A, please prepare to leave now.  The Subway and all NYC Transit will be closed from 7:00 PM tonight

2)      Contact elderly or mobility-impaired neighbors, family and friends.  Make sure they have a plan for evacuation.

3)      Keep track of developments online or via radio and television.  The city is updating regularly.  You can sign up for text and email alerts by going to  Or follow

4)      Make a go bag with medicine, keys, emergency supplies, important documents and a few essential personal items, non-perishable food, water, a battery-powered or hand-crank radio, extra flashlights and batteries in a waterproof portable container.

5)      Charge your cell phones and other important electronics.

Again, I know many New Yorkers think this is overblown.  I hope they are right.  But all the relevant authorities are in agreement that we face a serious possibility of major damage.  Please take this storm seriously.

My apartment is not in an evacuation zone, so I plan to be volunteering at Seward Park High School tonight.  Please be safe, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Please stay safe,


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